Come with us on our journey to create lifestyle pleasures


Doi Life symbolises a culture of living life to the full, enjoying every moment we have on this planet. We gain pleasure and enjoyment from the people in our lives, the fun activities we do, the places we visit, learning new topics, food and drink that tantalises the taste buds, enjoying wonderful and the happiness that comes from buying something that gives you pure pleasure.

When all is said and done, the simple and fine things in life give us

"lifestyle pleasures". 

Perfect Waves

Doi culture

Doi life builds through its community a culture that encourages living life to the full and freely. We can learn a great deal from surfing culture - a culture that:

  • enjoys the rhythm of nature,

  • provides a playful, leisurely. fun healthy lifestyle,

  • respects the power and unpredictability of nature

  • has an appreciation of the environment 

  • can be expressed in fashion, trends and creativity

It is this way of life that is symbolised in the expression of surfing culture that Doi Life builts its community.​

Our values:

  •  Actively understand the needs of our Doi Life community 

  • Add value to the lives of our community by providing great products and services

  • Respect the freedom of choice of our community

  • Respect the environment and protect it

  • Seek new adventures

  • Continuous learning and updating knowledge

  • Be agents of change

Does this sound like you?

Our Invitation

We invite you to come on our journey in creating a community of interconnected people dedicated to choosing life - a lifestyle that reflects the elements of our Doi Life culture. 

We invite you to join our membership as we create membership benefits that will grow over time.

We invite you to enjoy shopping at our online store for products that align with our culture and values.